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Captain Patch and Spinny by mystic-blat Captain Patch and Spinny by mystic-blat
Who says Spindas are boring? :stare:

Well anyway, here's Captain Patch and his nephew, Spinny. Patch is the leader of the "Spinda Brigade", although it's not much of a brigade with only two members right now. Patch is searching for specific Spindas that he once knew to join him...

Funnily enough, the swaying of the boat at sea actually counters their natural teetering Spinda walk.

:bulletred: Captain Patch
Gender: Male
Age: 37
- Infinnie: sister
- Spinny: nephew

- Sucker Punch: if an opponent is about to use a move, Sucker Punch allows him to dart in and sock them first.
- Psycho Cut: creates a blade out of psychic energy that can be used to fight with (shown in picture)
- Dizzy Punch- punches that have the power to potentially confuse the opponent
- Attract: he's a lady's man. :roll:

He once lived on an island filled with Spinda. After certain events- events which I do not wish to disclose at this moment- happened, he and his sister had no choice but to leave Spin Island. That was 21 years ago, long before Spinny even hatched. At some point afterwards, they went their separate ways.

In the current situation, Patch is searching for his sister, Infinnie. He also wants to find out how she's been, since he's had limited contact with Infinnie and she had a son during the time they were separated. He didn't even know he had a nephew until he met Spinny. At a port, Patch found the poor boy being harassed by some sailors, whom accused Spinny of being a stowaway. Patch managed to get them to leave. He then immediately sat Spinny down on a crate and questioned the kid so that he could him back to his family. It became evident that Spinny had, indeed, been an accidental stowaway on one of the ships. However, during the questioning, he discovered that the kid was actually his nephew.

"My mom's a Spinda too."
"That doesn't tell me much, boy, only that you weren't adopted. What's her name? What kind of spot pattern does she have?"
"Ummm, her name is, uh, Infinnie... She has spots that look like a bow, but she said they stand for a symbol that means forever."
"Why are you giving me that funny look, mister?"
"...By Lugia's breath... That means you're my nephew..."

He has yet to meet Infinnie's husband/Spinny's father. Patch wants to return Spinny to Infinnie, and reunite with her. His goal is to also find and recruit certain Spinda he once knew...

Other things about Captain Patch:
- he insists that Spinny calls him "Captain" when they're out at sea
- Patch owns a rather small sailboat, which he uses to sail the seas.
- Patch is a grown (poke)man. He's not... 'innocent'. ^^;
- Captain Patch and Infinnie are based off of Spindas I caught in one of my games, while Spinny's spot pattern is original.
- He can't let go of the past.

:bulletred: Spinny
Gender: Male
Age: 12
- Infinnie: mother
- (unknown): father
- Patch: uncle

- Faint Attack- disarmingly approaches the target, before throwing a darkness-infused punch. Never misses.
- Copycat- copies the last move used by a pokemon. He can copy the moves of both enemies and allies.
- Psybeam- a beam of psychic power that may confuse the opponent
- (I haven't decided yet)

Spinny hatched long after Infinnie and Patch left Spin Island. He led a happy and cheerful life with his parents. They lived in a port town, where there were many merchant ships coming and going. Spinny accidentally wandered onto one, and ended up on a different island in an unfamiliar port. The poor little Spinda was lost, confused, and scared, and it didn't help when some sailors found out that he had stowed away. Luckily for him, Patch noticed the commotion, and put a stop to it. When they found out they were actually related, Patch decided to help Spinny find his mother.

Other things about Spinny:
- He doesn't know it, but Infinnie named him after the island she had to depart from.
- he's very cheerful, and can be naive sometimes
- Captain Patch and Infinnie are based off of Spindas I caught in one of my games, while Spinny's spot pattern is original.
- he calls Patch "uncle", often forgetting that Patch wants to be called "Captain"

:bulletblue: Artist's Description
I actually made up Spinny long before Captain Patch. For a while, Patch was more like a potential concept just floating around. The move Psycho Cut was added in at the last second, (when I was looking at the moves Spindas could learn) but is fitting since Patch is a sailor/maybe pirate/not really a pirate Spinda.

I tried a lineless style with the background. It reminds me of the style in LoZ: Wind Waker. I really like the way it looks though. It's, like, cartoony and bright and simple. This picture was finished the same day it was started, in a relatively short amount of time. (for me, anyway)

art/characters are (c) by me, mystic-blat
pokemon (c) by nintendo
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AtanZeko Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
So this is the Spinda Brigade you spoke of, it's too bad you can't use them due to the rules :icondarulesplz:

Maybe I can use them as NPCs///shot ^^;
Skyffan Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
They are still adorable, Caitlin xD!

And I have a Spinda in my Emerald Nuzlock called: Rolls.
mystic-blat Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Student Filmographer
Haha, what a cute name! :XD: Good luck in the nuzlocke!
Skyffan Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Spindas can be a good choise too... First time using one and Rolls hasnt disappointed me :iconbadassplz:.
kurautora Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Oh gosh, this is adorable! I don't often see good Spinda art, and I love this!
mystic-blat Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Student Filmographer
Aww, thanks! :iconblushplz:
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